[llvm-dev] RFC Adding Fortran tests to LLVM Test Suite

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Tue Nov 24 12:16:10 PST 2020


In support of ongoing efforts with the new Flang compiler that was recently added to LLVM Project, we plan to expand the LLVM Test Suite to include additional Fortran tests. This will require some infrastructure work, e.g., to specify a Fortran compiler and flags which will then enable the Fortran tests.

We are focusing on tests in the following area:
- "smaller" language-centric tests,
- high-performance computing proxy-apps (particularly from Department of Energy projects), similar to the C/C++ proxy apps we already have,
- OpenMP tests: multi-threaded and GPU offload (once the OpenMP/parallelism testing support was merged into the LLVM Test Suite, separate thread).

As a first step we'll include the necessary CMake glue for the Fortran SPEC benchmarks, similar to CMake files we use to run the C/C++ ones.

Comments are welcomes, particularly with respect to LLVM developers interested in collaborating on this effort and ideas for Fortran test suites.


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