[llvm-dev] [LLD] Support DWARF64, debug_info "sorting"

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Tue Nov 10 21:18:54 PST 2020

This year Igor Kudrin put in a lot of work in enabling DWARF64 support in LLVM. At Facebook we are looking into it as one of the options for handling debug information over 4gigs in production environment. One concern is that due to mix of third party libraries and llvm compiled code the final library/binary will have a mix of CU that are DWARF32/64. This is supported by DWARF format. With this mix it is possible that even with DWARF64 enabled one can still encounter relocation overflows errors in LLD if DWARF32 sections happen to be processed towards the end.

One proposal that was discussed in https://reviews.llvm.org/D87011, is to modify LLD linker to arrange debug_info sections so that DWARF32 comes first, and DWARF64 after them. This way as long as DWARF32 sections don't themselves go over 4gigs, the final binary can contain debug information that exceeds 4gig. Which I think will be the common case.

An alternative approach that was proposed by James Henderson is for build system to take care of it, and to use -u to enforce order.
As, I would imagine, most projects of scale are using configurable build system that pulls in all the various dependencies automatically in a multi-language environment. I think the alternative approach will be more fragile than modifying LLD as it relies on a more complex system, and each customer of LLD will have to implement this "sorting" in their own build systems. The use of -u also kind of abuses this flag, and might have unintended consequences. As was pointed out by Wen Lei.
>From overhead perspective we only need to access few bytes of DWARF to determine if it's 32 or 64 bits. Customers who need DWARF64, already accept the overhead that it entails.

Any thoughts?

Thank You
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