[llvm-dev] Contributing Bazel BUILD files similar to gn

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Sun Nov 1 01:03:04 PST 2020

On 31/10/20 20:45, Geoffrey Martin-Noble via llvm-dev wrote:
>     For example, if I check in a cmake change and break a bazel builder,
>     I shouldn’t be on the hook to fix it, and arguably shouldn’t even
>     get emailed about it.
> Yes. I don't think it's even arguable. Only people who have specifically
> indicated an interest in supporting the Bazel build should get any kind
> of notification about it failing.

Just don't change "should not" to "must not" ("by default must not" is

I can think of the scenario where a generic Bazel change breaks a corner
case Cmake, and it's reasonable for the Bazel guys to ask for help from
the Cmake crew. That said, that scenario is probably a bug in Cmake ... :-)


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