[llvm-dev] Improve MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunction patches and ThinLTO Support

Vishal Chebrolu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri May 22 10:47:32 PDT 2020


I am Vishal Chebrolu, a student from India working on "Improve
MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunction patches and ThinLTO
Support" as a Google Summer of Code project. Thanks to the community for
providing feedback to my GSoC proposal. I discussed with my mentors Aditya,
JF and improved my previous proposal. We made a few changes and brought up
a new plan.

This plan addresses the various activities required to achieve the project
outcomes. The major outcome is to provide MergeFunctions with the
capability to merge not just identical but similar functions too. This can
help in the code-size reduction and gain in compile times if the amount of
optimization work to do is reduced. We also consider the issue of
maintaining sync of the IR with MergeFunction comparators and prevent

Here's the proposal.


Any feedback is highly appreciated!
Thanks :)

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