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Hi Omar,

the TODO says that we could "easily" do context-sensitive deduction for 
a call string of length one as soon as we setup the liveness analysis to 
be context-sensitive as well. I think someone proposed to work on this 
as part of GSoC, though the proposals are not yet finalized and the 
students not selected.



On 3/28/20 10:20 AM, Omar Ahmed via llvm-dev wrote:
> Greeting
> I wanted to ask about the TODOs that is in all CallSite Attributes
> TODO : Once we have call site specific value information we can provide
> call site specific liveness information and then it makes
> sense to specialize attributes for call sites arguments instead of
> redirecting requests to the callee argument.
> I don't get it so could you please elaborate it more or if there is a review that it was discussed in could you point me to it , Thanks :)
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