[llvm-dev] LLVM pass to optimize redundant branch conditions

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Hi Adel,

This is a complicated example I think. It would help if you could provide a
more reduced one and a complete IR. I think that ome of the dead code
elimination passes or LICM may be able to help.

Stefanos Baziotis

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> Hello All
> I am looking for an LLVM pass that is able to detect branches whose
> condition is known if they are reached. To illustrate what I mean, I
> attached a screenshot showing a partial CFG of a function. The branch in
> basic block for.cond.cleanup3 tests the same condition as the branch in the
> entry block, and has the same target BB if the condition is false. Also, if
> you inspect the graph carefully, the basic block for.cond.cleanup3 cannot
> be reached unless the first branch condition was true. This means that the
> condition of the branch in for.cond.cleanup3 will always be true. As such,
> it is possible to eliminate this branch, making it unconditional. Is there
> an LLVM pass that is able to perform such transformation?
> Thanks
> -Adel
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