[llvm-dev] [GSOC] "Project: Improve inter-procedural analyses and optimisations"

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Wed Mar 18 16:41:14 PDT 2020

On 03/16, Fahad Nayyar wrote:
> I can see that Johanned have put up some issues for GSOC aspirants. I think
> that [2] <https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/issues/179> ([Attributor]
> Cleanup and upstream `Attribute::MaxObjectSize`) will be a very good issue
> for me, It seems doable and I can get familiar with the whole process of
> writing a patch for an issue. How should I indicate to the community that I
> have started working towards this issue (should I comment on the issue page
> on github?)? I can try to work on AAReachability TODO after solving this
> issue.

I think the AAReachability TODO is being worked on but #179 not, as far
as I know. Would you be interested in taking this one? If so, make sure
to split it in multiple smaller patches, starting with one for the
LangRef.doc and the Attributor.

FIWI, I think we want the attribute to mean 1) below. I note this
because 2) is "the opposite" of dereferenceable.
  1) the underlying object is at most this large, where the pointer
     points to doesn't matter.
  2) the underlying object has at most X more dereferenceable bytes from
     this point forward.
I think we want 1) and later the opposite of 1) as well.

Does this make sense?

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