[llvm-dev] [GSoC '20 Project Interest] - Improve MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunction patches and ThinLTO Support

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On 03/17, Ruijie Fang via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm Ruijie Fang, currently a 1st-year undergraduate at Princeton
> University, majoring in Computer Science.
> I am writing to to express my interest in the Google Summer of Code
> project: Improve MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunction
> patches and ThinLTO Support.
> I've read the LCTES'14 paper and found it quite interesting and
> comprehensible. I've also went as far as starting to read the source
> code for the stack of patches listed on the LLVM GSoC website. I'm
> wondering if anyone could provide some advice/tips on getting started
> on this project, or writing my project proposal. I'm also in contact
> with the project mentor, Aditya Kumar --- I'm also posting here per
> his request and for additional input.
> ( A bit about myself: I am taking an LLVM-based compilers course
> (COS320 [1]) this semester; I'm doing well in the course and enjoyed
> writing compiler-related projects. A few years back, I was a research
> assistant at Temple University's CS department working on
> fault-tolerant parallel programming on distributed shared memory using
> tuple spaces. So I have a bit of prior experience programming large,
> production-quality, systems code in C/C++. Besides that, I'm also
> fluent in OCaml (which our compilers course uses), and a few other
> languages, including familiarity with LLVM IR and x86/ARM assembly.
> My GitHub account is at https://github.com/thefangbear and
> https://github.com/ruijiefang.)
> Thank you, and looking forward to replies!
> [1]: https://www.cs.princeton.edu/courses/archive/spring20/cos320/
> Kind regards,
> Ruijie Fang
> ruijief at princeton.edu
> -- 
> ruijief at princeton.edu
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