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Hi Abhi,

I CC'd the mentors of one of the projects.


Στις Κυρ, 15 Μαρ 2020 στις 11:52 μ.μ., ο/η ABHIMANYU RAWAT via llvm-dev <
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> Hi there,
> I am Abhimanyu Rawat, 1st-year graduate student and researcher from Paris,
> I hail from a pure computer science background on both Bachelors's and
> Masters's level. I find MLIR projects quite interesting. I have experience
> writing C code for EMC^2 as a protocols engineer for 2 years, I use
> python for convenience tasks. From a programming language
> perspective(thanks to Dan Grossman) I find compilers very daunting and fun.
> I am familiar with LLVM and have used it, looking at the projects I find
> MLIR having a good technical depth which may also support my research.
> From MLIR open projects page I find two of the following projects
> interesting:
> 1. Rework the MLIR python bindings, add a C APIs for core concepts
> 2. Automatic formatter for TableGen (similar to clang-format for C/C++)
> I wish to know more about the project description, current work,
> deliverables etc. just elaborative description same as with other LLVM open
> projects for GSoC. Additionally, please point me to any outstanding bugs or
> completed bugs or the literature you think one must go through in order to
> address the aforementioned projects. I have some rough idea about both the
> projects; maybe with your help, I could write a project description which
> is empty at the moment and add it to the page.
> Overall I am very excited to work on the project, with the community and
> improving my skills by actively contributing to the project(in the long run
> also).
> BR Abhi
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