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Fri Mar 13 12:09:26 PDT 2020

Dear LLVM Team,

I would like to contribute to/participate in LLVM’s GSOC, because I would
very much like to combine my knowledge of graph theory/algorithms and my
interest in C++ together. Contributing to the LLVM code seems like a
fantastic challenge and learning experience for these two interests of
mine, as well as computer science in general (For example, the use of a new
syntactic category to disambiguate a grammar demonstrates 1) indirection 2)
the power of naming things).

But to be up front about this, I have not done any full scale C++
project(Although we had to modify the Linux kernel in my OS class, that was
in C). However, I do believe my C++ skills are at an intermediate level, as
C++, like Python, is a language in which I will spend my free time learning
more about. Like vim, there is always more to learn in C++, and to that end
I will watch CppCon Videos or peruse blogs such as Fluent C++(which is a
treasure trove of material to nerd out on) in my free time. I also have a
layman’s knowledge of CMake, from using it to configure ccls to lint C++
code with specific flags, and am aware of Google’s Test framework. Finally,
I am currently taking Professor Stroustrap’s C++ class, and the compilers
course here at Columbia.

Regarding the logistics:

1. Do I need to submit a resume/screening/patches?

2. Although I do have interests in certain projects posted on you
website(Implement missing tab completion, createLoopPass, and
PostDominatorTree), I am uncertain if I have enough expertise to decide
what would be an appropriate project to contribute to given my current
knowledge and experience.

3. The GCC GSoC website suggested checking out their source code, compiling
and running their test suite. Can I do something similar for LLVM?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this email, and I hope to
hear back!

Best regards,

Benson Li
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