[llvm-dev] How to make when developing machine function pass ?

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Tue Mar 10 10:44:11 PDT 2020

One minute to recompile and relink one file is too long. There are ways to
make incremental development significantly faster, and there have been a
few threads about this on llvm-dev. This one came to mind:
If you search around, you can find some of the standard recommendations:
- Use ninja instead of make
- Use lld or gold instead of ld.bfd
- Adjust debug info settings (-gmlt, split dwarf, or disable it)
- Use external tablegen (probably not your problem)

Good luck!

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 3:31 AM PenYiWang via llvm-dev <
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> Hi
> I am modifying X86RetpolineThunks.cpp.
> X86RetpolineThunks.cpp 's location is llvm-src/lib/Target/X86.
> Which target should I use , next time use clang test.c , I can see the
> difference .
> I found that  "make llc"  doesn't work.
> And either "make LLVMX86CodeGen" doen't work.
> "make clang" waste a lot of time, even -j64.
> Every time modifying the file of machine function pass ,
> I have to wait for 1 min.
> It drive me crazy.
> Which "target" should use to "make" when developing machine function pass ?
> Or is  there other way to develop machine function pass?
> Thank you.
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