[llvm-dev] GSoC - Advanced Heuristics and Machine Learning

Emanuel Lima via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 9 16:56:28 PDT 2020

Hello again! Previously, I introduced myself as a prospective GSoC student
interested in LLVM. Per Mr. Doerfert suggestion I took a look at two other
projects that he said could interest me due to my ongoing research in
autotuning. The projects are:
Advanced Heuristics for Ordering Compiler Optimization Passes
Machine learning and compiler optimizations: using inter-procedural
analysis to select optimizations
And he was right! Now, what are the next steps concerning these projects? I
know I have to choose one, but that is a difficult decision, so I wanted to
know more about them.
As of right now, I am more inclined towards the first, Advanced Heuristics.

Emanuel Lima
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