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Mon Mar 9 04:24:52 PDT 2020

Hi Milind,

Welcome to LLVM, we're all happy to see people wanting to get involved!

First of all, it would be good if you could talk about the project with the
mentors. If only I knew their e-mail addresses to CC them, but I don't.
You can try to search and maybe have more luck.

Now, the way I understand this project is that it doesn't have to much with
the loop nest optimization
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_nest_optimization> per se, rather,
changing the
structure of loop optimizations. To that end, I think that you'd want to
understand how loop optimizations work in LLVM
(not algorithmically but structurally), understand the role of pass
managers and whatever legacy is being left.

I'd propose that a good place to start is this:
It presents a lot of important things and the bigger part of this video is
a tutorial.
Also, I recommend this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpvZt9w-Jik

Kind regards,
Stefanos Baziotis

Στις Δευ, 9 Μαρ 2020 στις 10:42 π.μ., ο/η Milind Verma via llvm-dev <
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> Greetings,
> I am Milind Kumar Verma, currently pursiung my B. Tech degree in CSE from
> NIT Raipur, India. I have proficiency in C/C++ and have been regularly
> performing programming in C++. I have read LLVM documentation and have got
> keenly interested in the project Create LoopNest Pass
> I am looking forward to working on the same. Please help me getting
> started!
> Thank you
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