[llvm-dev] Allowing PRs on GitHub for some subprojects

Louis Dionne via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Mar 3 13:44:11 PST 2020

> On Feb 20, 2020, at 14:25, Johannes Doerfert <johannesdoerfert at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/20, Louis Dionne via llvm-dev wrote:
>> I know there has been significant discussion about "moving" from
>> Phabricator to GitHub reviews and pull requests, etc. I'm not
>> suggesting that we do anything in terms of global LLVM policy.
>> However, as a maintainer of libc++, I commit __a lot__ of other
>> people's code for them. It would be a huge time saver for me if I
>> could nicely suggest to contributors (not force them) to use PRs
>> instead of Phabricator for their contributions. It would also handle
>> commit attribution properly, which is a pain right now.
> Don't take this as me telling you it is "actually simple". I am
> interested what about the contribution is problematic? If the libc++
> system doesn't have more requirements than the rest of LLVM there might
> be ways to make it less painful. FWIW, here is what I do, and I know not
> everyone wants to use `arc`. Ina script this could potentially reduce
> the pain. Again, this is not meant to tell you it is simple or your
> problems are not real.
> arc patch DXXXX
> git pull --rebase origin master
> arc amend
> arcfilter        // see below
> git llvm push master
> arcfilter () { git log -1 --pretty=%B | awk '/Reviewers:|Subscribers:/{p=1} /Reviewed By:|Differential Revision:/{p=0} !p && !/^Summary:/' | git commit --amend -F - }

Thanks, this indeed solves some of my problems, however not entirely. When people submit contributions without an email address, I still have to do some digging to find out how to attribute the change. This shouldn't be something I even have to think about.


>> Would it be possible to allow GitHub PRs to be submitted on the
>> monorepo so as to let individual sub-projects deal with it however
>> they please? I've spoken to numerous people involved in libc++
>> development and they would like to start submitting PRs (and for the
>> others, we'll still accept Phabricator reviews). Perhaps it is
>> possible to setup some kind of filter such that PRs touching only
>> libcxx/ and libcxxabi/ can be submitted, but otherwise they're closed
>> by the bot?
> TBH, I feel this is yet another way of splitting the community and in
> the end complicating things even more. I mean, since recently if you
> want to ask a question there were the *-dev lists and the IRC. Now we
> have discourse, discord on top of that with some people monitoring only
> one of these and others required to monitor both. Duplicating the way we
> do reviews is similarly going to require people that want to be informed
> to duplicate their lookups.
> Cheers,
>  Johannes

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