[llvm-dev] [GSoC] Suggestions for a Google Summer of Code '20 project

Tejas Joshi via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 28 03:51:59 PST 2020

I am very much interested in doing a GSoC project for LLVM this year.
I completed a GSoC project last year for GCC : Added functions in
math.h (implemented some functions like roundeven, added inlining
instructions for suitable target).

I am currently going through the Getting Started, Documentation and
other sources/manuals to get familiar with LLVM environment. I have
also gone through the possible GSoC projects list on
I also see pretty much projects available for MLIR too on
<https://mlir.llvm.org/getting_started/openprojects/>. Can anyone
suggest a simple GSoC project for a llvm new-comer as I am unable to
focus my interest on a particular project in the above lists?


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