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On 01/22, David Greene via cfe-dev wrote:
> Renato Golin via cfe-dev <cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> writes:
> >> My understanding from other people's comments (I've not tried it myself) is that updating a patch series in github is problematic - that it sends new/separate review email rather than being able to associate each patch in the series with ongoing review feedback and updates?
> >
> > Both Phab and GitHub are problematic in different ways. In Phab, an
> > earlier change that trickles to the rest of the series needs to be
> > updated on all patches. In GitHub, some information is lost,
> > especially if it's a force push, but it only sends one email for the
> > series.
> Isn't force push on a private branch (series) going to be rather common
> as authors respond to reviews?  Or is there a better model?

As I understand it, the GH model is to amend a new commit to your PR
which addresses the review comments. The "problem" is that "we" are used
to the force push model in which each commit is always as "clean and self
contained" as possible (this is not only because of Phab I'd argue).

The first experience I had with GH, someone modified my pull request
through the web interface. (There is a way to disallow this but I didn't
know.) Then I force pushed my updates to my private branch and the
person was angry that I undid all the work. We did manage to recover it
but it is not easily accessible as far as I know.
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