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All immediate jump instructions on x86 (call/jmp/jcc) have a relative offset operand.  The destination is, in some sense, “rip-relative”, but we don’t represent it like that in LLVM.  If you look at the TableGen descriptions, jumps use brtarget32, and calls use i32imm_pcrel.  In both Microsoft and GNU assembly syntax, this is something like “call baz”.

“call”/”jmp” also have a register/memory form, for indirect calls.  In 64-bit, this allows rip-relative references, to call a function pointer stored in a global variable.  In Microsoft assembly syntax, this is “call QWORD PTR baz”. In GNU assembly syntax, this is “call *baz(%rip)”.

For 64-bit x86, any reference to a global has to be a rip-relative address (since all 64-bit programs are position-independent), but on 32-bit x86, it’s also possible to refer to the address of a variable using something like “add eax, OFFSET baz”.

For globals which are explicitly labeled “PTR” or “OFFSET”, the correct representation should be unambiguous, and it should be easy to print appropriate error messages.  For other cases, I’m not sure what the inference rules are.  It might vary depending on the opcode.


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Hi all,

Continuing work on llvm-ml (a MASM assembler)... and my latest obstacle is in enabling MASM's convention that (unless specified) all memory location references should be RIP-relative. Without it, we emit the wrong instructions for "call", "jmp", etc., and anything we build fails at the linking stage.

My best attempt at this so far is a small patch to X86AsmParser.cpp - just taking any Intel expression with no specified base register and switching it to use RIP - and this works alright. There's at least one exception: it breaks the "jcc" instructions, at least "jcc <label>". The issue seems to be that the "jcc" family exclusively takes a relative offset, never an absolute reference... so adding a base register causes the operand not to match. ("jcc" is always RIP-relative anyway.)

I'm not very familiar with the operand-matching logic, and am still pretty new to LLVM as a whole. Are there more X86 instructions this will interact badly with? Any thoughts on how this could be handled better?

If this is mostly a valid approach, might there be a way to change the operand type of "jcc" to accept offset(base) operands, as long as base == X86::RIP, then ignore the RIP bit?

- Eric
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