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Sorry if the Job ad is not clear enough.

This position is to work on the LLVM compiler for the k1c architecture which 
is the processor at the heart of Kalray’s MPPA many-core SoC.



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Hi Sebastien,

Job ads that are somehow relevant to LLVM are acceptable on this mailing 
list, but please make it clear how they are related to LLVM.  Job ads for 
unrelated compiler tech is considered off topic.  Thanks!


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Hi all,

Just to inform that we have an open position for a compiler engineer:


The position is in Grenoble, France.



Sébastien Le Duc

CoreSW Team Manager

 <http://www.kalray.eu/> <image001.png>

Kalray S.A.

www.kalray.eu <http://www.kalray.eu/>

Phone :  06 84 43 07 00
 <mailto:sleduc at kalray.eu> sleduc at kalray.eu

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180 Avenue de l'Europe
38330 Montbonnot FRANCE

 <http://www.kalray.eu/news-7/news/latest> <image004.png>

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