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> On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 at 02:26, Daniel Sanders via llvm-dev
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> > It's worth mentioning that Phabricator can read strings of the format
> 'Depends on D1234' from commit messages and create those relationships for
> you.
> Side note: I find that there's too many unknown features of Phab that
> require manual annotations on the commit message to work.
> I don't think that's a good strategy. New contributors get lost in the
> specifics and reviewers forget to do them.
> > Also just because it's not easy to find unless you know it's there. You
> can view the parent/child relationships in the 'Revision Contents' section
> on the 'Stack' tab.
> The parental relationship in Phab is not obvious. I can't easily see
> it in the snapshot and often ask people to link the commits in order
> when they already are.
> I'd also like to see the whole series without having to navigate the
> linked list.
> Git allows multiple commits per pull request, so does GitHub's PR UI,
> as well as showing all the other changes (force push, rebase, reorder,
> additional fixups), which makes it much simpler to see what changed.
Except the GitHub individual commit views are rather terrible for adding
comments to. The individual commits are not treated as separable commits
for approval purposes, and GitHub decides on its own that freshly added
comments are outdated due to surrounding noise.

> Phab is better at keeping track of old comments, but where GitHub
> completely looses the comment (on history change),

That aspect of GitHub makes longer running reviews quickly unusable. It
pretty much only works if all reviewers ensure that the PR originator
addresses all comments before they "scroll off".

> Phab moves the
> comment to a random place in the file, which is equally broken.
Much less broken IMO.

> Granted, GitHub's UI is much "simpler" than Phab, but to my view, this
> is not a problem, but a benefit.
GitHub's UI is a screen real-estate hog due to low information density even
when collapsing things that you rather should see.

> If we moved to GitHub PRs today, I wouldn't miss a thing.
> cheers,
> --renato
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