[llvm-dev] LLD PDB Lines zero number issue

Martin Storsjö via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 9 13:00:15 PST 2020

On Thu, 9 Jan 2020, David Blaikie via llvm-dev wrote:

> +rnk who works on COFF debugging things.
>  My understanding is that this has nothing to do with the linker - but is a
> function of LLVM optimizations creating line zero debug locations. I believe
> rnk & folks have disabled line zero emission for CodeView debug info in some
> manner - perhaps that needs a flag? or Steven hasn't got a release with that
> change in it?

I think I've run into that with dwarf as well, and there AFAIK it can be 
gotten rid of by adding "-mllvm -use-unknown-locations=Disable".

// Martin

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