[llvm-dev] Guidance / examples of adding subprojects to a monorepo branch

Jon Chesterfield via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 9 05:49:34 PST 2020


The move to a single repo has greatly simplified building llvm. Thank you.

I work on a toolchain which is essentially llvm plus a lot of runtime
libraries. They're all checked out next to each other and built in a
sequence. Some of the libraries need the just built clang to compile.

I would like to instead check out each runtime as a subproject within llvm
and build the whole lot via one cmake invocation. Maybe even with correct
incremental builds.

However, my grasp of cmake is limited and the cross compilation aspect has
thwarted me. Please could you offer a pointer on how to wire this up, or
even better, some project on GitHub which already assembles such a
llvm+libs combination that I can copy from.


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