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> Hi All,
> While committing a patch today for someone who currently lacks commit
> access, I realized I had forgotten the 'Patch by' line and reverted &
> re-committed to add it. However, while doing so I wondered if our current
> policy on this still makes sense.
> Our policy at http://llvm.org/docs/DeveloperPolicy.html#commit-messages currently
> contains these two points:
> > Separate the commit message into title, body and, if you’re not the
> original author, a “Patch by” attribution line (see below).
> > Attribution of Changes should be in a separate line, after the end of
> the body, as simple as “Patch by John Doe.”. This is how we officially
> handle attribution, and there are automated processes that rely on this
> format.
> Given that we now use git which tracks the author and the commiter
> separately. Does it still make sense to add these 'Patch by' lines? Or
> should we update the policy so that it refers to making sure the author
> field has the correct attribution. In my opinion, we should update the
> policy.

+1 : we should change the doc to indicate to use instead `git commit
--amend --author="name/nickname <email>"` .

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