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> > I'm not sure a decision was already made as such. I think it's more that there was a flurry of conversation last time with lots of conflicting opinions, and then the conversation just fizzled out.
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> > FWIW, I like Phabricator but I'm willing to try GitHub. Overall I think we should take the same approach that eventually led to Phabricator being widely adopted: We should allow GitHub PR's and see if the community generally settles on one or the other.
> This means that people proposing patches control the apparent behaviour. How is someone that is primarily a reviewer meant to voice their opinion under such a system?

When Phabricator was being introduced there were a few groups of reviewers who would ask for Phabricator patches to be re-sent by email and a few who would ask for emails to re-posted on Phabricator. To get my code reviewed I'd go along with whatever the reviewers in the area I wanted to change preferred. Over time, more reviewers asked for Phabricator and fewer asked for email.
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