[llvm-dev] Legalizing vector types

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Thanks or your reply

Actually for v8i8 it already goes thru SplitVector/Scalarize code path even 
with the default Vector Action, because there is no legal vector type to 
promote to or to widen to.

But then getVectorTypeBreakdown will return 8 x i32 in our case because we 
don’t support any i8 vector.

My understanding is that currenty LLVM supports only 3 cases to legalize 
*) promoting to a vector type that has the same number of elts but a wider 
elt type
*) widening to a vector type that has the same elt type
*) splitting to smaller vectors with the same elt type

It does not support cases that would imply 2 of the above steps, in my case 
promoting v8i8 first to v8i16, then splitting it to 2xv4i16

That's why the only solution I found is to make v8i16 legal, this way v8i8 
is promoted to v8i16
But then since v8i16 is not natively supported in our architecture, I have 
to add patterns to generate code for all v8i16 operations that will use 2 
v4i16 instruction

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You should be able to override TargetLowering::getPreferredVectorAction to 
prefer splitting v8i8.


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> Hi all,
> I am working on a target that has support for v4i16 vectors, and no
> support for v4i8 / v8i8 / v8i16
> V4i8 is promoted to v4i16 which is nice
> V8i16 is split to 2 x v4i16 which is nice as well
> Now v8i8 is scalarized, which is not so nice.
> Ideally I would like v8i8 to be first promoted to v8i16 then split to
> 2xv4i16 (or split to 2xV4i8 then promoted to 2xv4i16)
> Is there a way to achieve that? I tried to figure out how to do it, but
> the only way I found is to make v8i16 legal, and handle the splitting to
> 2xv4i16 as patterns, which looks to me to be a lot of useless work…
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
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