[llvm-dev] JavaScript implementation of LLVM primitives (Value, Block, etc)

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Sat Aug 29 06:56:21 PDT 2020

Hello Matt,

I found this https://github.com/MichaReiser/llvm-node , however i am not 
sure of its status.

If you are familiar with Python, there is llvmlite: 

Some llvmlite material here:

About the IR interpreter, there is lli: 


On 29-08-2020 12:57, Matt Fysh via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm working on a new language but not at all proficient with C/C++... 
> I was wondering if there was an experimental-ish implementation of 
> LLVM IR in JavaScript which would allow me to use the LLVM primitives 
> to build an IR, and then write an IR interpreter in JS.
> The reason I'm looking to use javascript is that I'll be able to move 
> faster and explore a large backlog of ideas quickly, before committing 
> them to the language spec.
> Does something like this exist? If no, are there alternatives where 
> someone with no C/C++ knowledge can quickly explore and 
> prototype language ideas? I'm particularly interested in use-def 
> chains, coroutines, and to a certain extent - type safety.
> I'm also interested in tracking produced values over multiple 
> executions, and in later executions using the same value without 
> computation if it has shown to produce the same value consistently. Is 
> this something in the LLVM ecosphere currently, or is this more of a 
> higher-level concept?
> Thanks!
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