[llvm-dev] Handling far branches with fixups or ELF relocs

Chris Sears via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Aug 25 11:41:10 PDT 2020


thanks for your review of how different backends handle branch expansion. I
went a little further and derived this table from the sources. There is
also the BranchRelaxation MachineFunctionPass
in ./CodeGen/BranchRelaxation.cpp which 4 passes use. This may be the
"small jumps to larger jumps" pass you're looking for.

AArch64/        no relaxInstruction      BranchRelaxationPassID
AMDGPU/            relaxInstruction      BranchRelaxationPassID      both
relax + pass
ARC/            no relaxInstruction      ARCBranchFinalize
ARM/               relaxInstruction
AVR/            no relaxInstruction      BranchRelaxationPassID
BPF/            no relaxInstruciton
Hexagon/           relaxInstruction      HexagonBranchRelaxation     both
relax + pass
Lanai/          no relaxInstruction
MSP430/         no relaxInstruction      MSP430BSel
Mips/           no relaxInstruction      MipsBranchExpansion
NVPTX/          no relaxInstruction
PowerPC/        no relaxInstruction      PPCBSel
RISCV/             relaxInstruction      BranchRelaxationPassID      both
relax + pass
Sparc/          no relaxInstruction
SystemZ/        no relaxInstruction      SystemZLongBranch
VE/             no relaxInstrcution
WebAssembly/    no relaxInstruction
X86/               relaxInstruction
XCore/          no relaxInstruction
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