[llvm-dev] Problem matching i24 loads when a byte is 16 bits

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Tue Aug 25 00:09:34 PDT 2020

Hi Hjort,

I'm not sure whether your use-case is supported (yet) in TableGen with 
GlobalISel, so one workaround would be to implement the instruction 
selection for G_LOAD in your <Target>InstructionSelector.cpp::select 
method. You could take a look at the AArch64 or AMDGPU 
InstructionSelector.cpp if you need some more complex examples on how to 
do that.

AFAIU the GlobalISel TableGen backend isn't as mighty yet so a lot of 
the more niche-cases need to be implemented manually at the moment.

I'm sure the GlobalISel maintainers can give you a more detailed answer 
and maybe even a solution for your use-case. For the meantime though I 
hope that this helps a bit.



Am 25.08.20 um 08:52 schrieb Gabriel Hjort Åkerlund via llvm-dev:
> We have a special architecture where i24 is a legal data type, and 
> where 16 bits – not 8 bits – is considered a byte. Thus, the smallest 
> addressable unit is 16 bits, which in combination with i24 causes 
> problems during matching in global-isel. Let us assume that we have 
> the following pattern:
>   (ld:{ *:[i24] } aN32_0_7:{ *:[i32] 
> }:$addr)<<P:Predicate_unindexedload>><<P:Predicate_load>>
> for which the matching table looks as follows:
>   ...
> GIM_CheckMemorySizeEqualToLLT, /*MI*/0, /*MMO*/0, /*OpIdx*/0,
> GIM_CheckAtomicOrdering, /*MI*/0, 
> /*Order*/(int64_t)AtomicOrdering::NotAtomic,
>  // MIs[0] addr
>   GIM_CheckPointerToAny, /*MI*/0, /*Op*/1, /*SizeInBits*/32,
> GIM_CheckRegBankForClass, /*MI*/0, /*Op*/1, /*RC*/PHX::aN32_0_7RegClassID,
>   ...
> Because 24 bits is not a multiple of 16, we load 2 “bytes” aligned at 
> 1. Hence, the table above is expected to match:
>   %1(s24) = G_LOAD %0 :: (load 2, align 1)
> However, this is always rejected due to:
> GIM_CheckMemorySizeEqualToLLT, /*MI*/0, /*MMO*/0, /*OpIdx*/0,
> which checks whether the size of the result (24 bits) is equal to the 
> size of the memory size (32 bits), which naturally is false.
> A simple fix would be to simply remove the check, but then there is no 
> check ensuring that the result of the source pattern matches the 
> result of the destination pattern. Also, I get the feeling that there 
> are underlying assumptions surrounding G_LOAD that you either load 
> data of equal or greater size (which is then extended), but never of 
> smaller size (as in this case).
> What is the proper fix to this problem? As I see it, either we allow 
> G_LOAD to load smaller sizes and patch the code impacted by this, or 
> we patch TableGen to generate code that allows such matches.
> We could also try to promote i24 to i32, but that would involve 
> modifying a lot of the existing patterns we have (and i24 is anyhow a 
> legal size in our architecture).
> Best regards,
> Gabriel Hjort Åkerlund
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