[llvm-dev] RFC: Contributing bitcode_strip

Alexander Shaposhnikov via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 20 21:03:15 PDT 2020

*bitcode_strip* is a utility which is used to manipulate (leave / remove)
bitcode segments in a Mach-O file. It is a part of Apple’s cctools and it
is also distributed with Xcode.
The man page of the tool is available here
The functionality of *bitcode_strip* naturally maps onto llvm-objcopy’s
model and requires only minimal additions to it.
Therefore, similarly to llvm-strip and llvm-install-name-tool *we propose
adding a new driver  to llvm-objcopy (for Mach-O) with the goal to make it
a drop-in replacement for cctools’ bitcode_strip*. Among other benefits
this approach enables us to save space in toolchain distributions (no extra
binaries added) and reuse some llvm-objcopy’s features.
We already have llvm-lipo, llvm-install-name-tool, llvm-strip,
llvm-libtool-darwin and llvm-bitcode-strip appears to be one of the last
missing tools commonly used for Mach-O.

Any feedback / comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Alexander Shaposhnikov
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