[llvm-dev] ORC JIT - Incorrect support for COFF files?

Gaier, Bjoern via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 20 03:14:56 PDT 2020

Hey LLVM-Mailing-List and Lang,

I'm still learning how to use the ORC JIT but I finally reached the point to JIT and execute some code. For this purpose I created a test file (TestModule.cpp) and compiled it with Clang, generating two different files, one in the LLVM IR format and one in the Microsoft COFF format.

The JIT resolves all undefined references, including "extern int planschiValue;" and "void externFunction();". Using the IR Module I will get the correct address for "planschiValue" and the correct value - however this is not the case for the object file.

For the object file I get (via printf from the module) the address 0x000002295D6B003C while the actual address is 0x00007FF71D9959A4.

I'm really surprised about this, because the IR module works with no problem. I attach the source code, the IR file and the resulting object file (including its assembly file).

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you for the help in advance and kind greetings

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