[llvm-dev] How to deal with multiple patches to the same file

Paul C. Anagnostopoulos via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 10 14:03:22 PDT 2020

At 8/10/2020 03:02 PM, Robinson, Paul wrote:

>> Why did you 'git pull --rebase' when the branch was up-to-date? Is this
>> just a safety habit?
>Yes.  Frequently I put my patches on my local master branch, rather 
>than create a separate patch branch, and always rebasing keeps my 
>commits at the HEAD of the branch.  It's harmless when you have no 
>local commits, so it's a good habit to form.

Do you work on multiple patches at once this way? If so, how do you tease the files apart when it's time to submit one of the patches?


>> I don't understand the pushing upstream. Since we use Phabricator, isn't
>> that the job of the person who commits the patch?
>Soon enough (if you keep contributing) you'll get commit access and 
>be doing that yourself.  LLVM is a lot more liberal about commit 
>privileges than many open-source projects.

Ah, I was confused. I thought the final commit of a patch was done from the patch file in Phabricator, not from the submitting person's repository.

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