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I think I understand the concepts, but I sure would appreciate a specific example, and I appreciate the offer. To make your life harder, could you start with what I should do given that I have not created a branch for the first patch? I just have the six files staged.

I have GitHub Desktop installed, if that makes any of the steps easier.

Thanks again, and no rush!

At 8/10/2020 10:07 AM, Robinson, Paul wrote:

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>> Subject: [llvm-dev] How to deal with multiple patches to the same file
>> I have submitted a patch to Phabricator that includes the TableGen file
>> TGparser.cpp. Now I want to fix a bug in that file. What is the proper
>> procedure so that the two patches don't get screwed up, either in my
>> repository or in the master repository? Please answer as if I'm a
>> git/Phabricator idiot, because, well, I am.
>> I should note that all I did in my repository for the first patch was
>> stage the files and then do a diff --staged. Those files remain staged
>> because I'm not sure what to do with them given that we use Phabricator
>> and not pull requests.
>(I'm not completely giving you recipes; if you need more explicit steps
>then let me know and I'll do a full-on example.)
>Even though we don't use pull requests, I still tend to commit my patches
>to branches off of master, in my local clone.  This allows `git show` to
>generate the diff.  As master advances, you update your master branch and
>then on the patch branch, a simple `git rebase master` updates it.
>Assuming the patch is approved, on master you can `git merge --ff-only`
>to move the patch to your local master, and then push it from there.
>If the bugfix is not near your other changes, and can be made independently,
>then you can treat it as a fully independent patch on its own branch.
>If the bugfix is near your other changes or is dependent on it, then I'd
>create a second patch branch based on the first patch branch.  As before,
>`git show` generates the diff, and in Phabricator there's a way to mark
>the second patch as dependent on the first patch.  I haven't done this
>personally so I'm unclear about the exact steps, but I see people doing
>"patch series" all the time.
>HTH and again let me know if you need a more explicit example.
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