[llvm-dev] JIT interaction with linkonce_odr global variables

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Fri Aug 7 09:14:32 PDT 2020

Hi Haoran

Yes, that's expected behavior. Definition generators only get invoked
for symbols that are not defined in your modules. The documentation in
https://llvm.org/docs/ORCv2.html says:

> If a definition generator is attached to a JITDylib, then any
unsuccessful lookup on that JITDylib will fall back to calling the
definition generator

I guess the situation is hard to compare with the context a static
linker runs in. It's an interesting idea though. Maybe it's possible
achieve with a JITLink plugin?


On 07/08/2020 11:51, Haoran Xu via llvm-dev wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently hit an issue when JIT'ing my generated IR using
> llvm::orc::LLJIT. My IR contains the following definition of a global
> variable:
>     $_ZZ23TestStaticVarInFunctionbE1x = comdat any
>     @_ZZ23TestStaticVarInFunctionbE1x = linkonce_odr dso_local global
>     i32 123, comdat, align 4
> And in my host process, there exists the same symbol. I would expect
> LLJIT to resolve the global variable above to the address inside the
> host process, since it has linkage 'linkonce_odr'. However, it turns
> out that LLJIT resolved it as if it were a conventional global
> variable definition and gave it its own address (I have added
> 'GetForCurrentProcess' generator for symbol resolution of course).
> I can workaround this issue by making the symbol a declaration (drop
> the initializer, comdat and make the linkage external), but I'm
> wondering if it is expected behavior that LLJIT does not respect
> linkonce_odr specifier, since the documentation says LLJIT's symbol
> resolution should work as if I were running a normal linker. 
> Best,
> Haoran
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