[llvm-dev] doxygen parsing buglets

Chris Sears via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 6 09:34:47 PDT 2020

If you look at the doxygen page for MCAsmBackend it only lists RISCV, Mips,
ARM and AVR as implementers of applyFixup(). I think this is because the
parser sees RISCVAsmBackend::applyFixup in
./RISCV/MCTargetDesc/RISCVAsmBackend.cpp or its .h file but then doesn't
recognize/match the implementation of applyFixup() in

Also, it says that applyFixup() is referenced by evaluateTargetFixup(). The
best I can tell from grepping the backend sources is that
evaluateTargetFixup() was added by/for the RISCV backend and is only used
by that backend. But looking at the source,
RISCVAsmBackend::evaluateTargetFixup doesn't in fact call applyFixup().
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