[llvm-dev] TableGen trace facility

John Byrd via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 5 11:16:56 PDT 2020

> I wasn't sure how to respond to John Byrd's post, since it wasn't
addressed to me. So I've responded to Nicolai's.

It was intended for you and the others on the thread.

> I'm reasonably far along in the process of writing a new Programmer's
Guide for TableGen. I will continue working on it and submit it for review.
I expect to do some rewriting as a result.

I'd like to collaborate, if you point me at your tree.  Like you, I also
have both a strong need for the documentation, and some strong opinions on
how it might be improved.

> John: Would you like me to respect a copyright on your documents linked
below? I wouldn't take any text verbatim, but some of the ways of
describing TableGen give me ideas.

Not a bit -- I had intended to submit it as a patch, but got sidetracked.
Use it however you can --

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