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I think such a feature would be very helpful if the trace can be used to print 
arbitrary parts of patterns. I often find that when a pattern is rejected I 
need to strip down the *.td file, fire up gdb, set up breakpoints or step to 
where the pattern is rejected, and inspect the current tree pattern. Having 
the ability to insert trace points directly into the pattern would save me 
this effort.


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A question for those of you who have developed complex TableGen files: Do you 
think a trace facility would be useful during debugging? The idea is to add a 
new statement to TableGen along these lines:

  trace tag : value1, value2, ... ;

When encountered, the TableGen parser would display the tag along with the 
values of the specified value1, value2, etc. The tag is an identifier that 
makes it easier to distinguish multiple traces.

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