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The "hello" string is a part of the GlobalVariable's initializer.  You can use GlobalVariable::getInitializer to get a Constant with the initializer value, and then, depending on the actual type of it you can get the contents of it.

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I have a global variable in LLVM IR:

@mem8 = private unnamed_addr constant [9 x i8] c"Hello12\0A\00", align 1

I have loaded the module, so now have:
llvm::Value *value1;
That will output:
@mem8 = private unnamed_addr constant [9 x i8] c"Hello12\0A\00", align 1

What method should I use to access the contents of the constant.
I.e. I want the "Hello12" bytes contained in @mem8 to be put in a std::vector<int8_t>

I can access the Type hierarchy, but cannot find how to access the value contents.

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