[llvm-dev] ORC JIT Weekly #7 -- JITEventListener support and Swift Immediate Mode Migration

Frank Tetzel via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 29 12:53:39 PDT 2020

> >> Last time I tried it was some months ago with LLVM 9. I'll try it
> >> shortly with LLVM trunk/master and report back.  
> > 
> > Finally, I found the time to try it out again. And it works fine in
> > LLVM master. I haven't tried any other LLVM version.  
> Have you had any success in identifying the root cause of this
> problem?  I'm being bitten by it to, and moving to LLVM master is not
> currently an option for my project.

No, I have not investigated the issue anymore.


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