[llvm-dev] [cfe-dev] RFC: Switching from Bugzilla to Github Issues [UPDATED]

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On Mon, 20 Apr 2020 at 13:57, Anton Korobeynikov via cfe-dev <
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> > If we are reasonably certain that no one would be opening new issues on
> GitHub while the migration is running...
> And pull requests (the numbering is common for issues and pull
> requests) as well. And we cannot disable pull requests at all. And I'm
> afraid the issues will need to be opened as well during the migration.
> And now the real problem: should an "extra" pull request or issue
> intervene in the migration there is no way to "reset" the counter
> besides deleting the project and creating it once again. We could only
> sacrifice some bugzilla issues to restore the numbering...

We can edit summaries and comments, presumably by API calls as well as by
the web UI. So how about this:

Step 1: Preallocate sufficient github issue numbers. Make a bot account and
with it file empty placeholder issues until we have N issues total, where N
is the number of bugzilla bugs.
Step 2: Shut down the ability to file new bugzilla bugs, double-check we
have enough placeholder bugs, then open up github for new issue
submissions. Change llvm.org/PRxxxxx to redirect to github for xxxxx's
higher than the transition point.
Step 3a: For each issue filed by the bot account, sync that bug's contents
to the bugzilla entry: copy across the subject, all the comments, tags, and
so on.
Step 3b: For each issue not filed by the bot account whose number is that
of a bugzilla entry, file a new github bug and sync it with the bugzilla
bug then add a tracking comment to the github bug saying what the new
number is.

All we would need to do before we switch systems is steps 1 and 2. The data
import can be done incrementally with no time constraints. Once transition
is complete, we can change llvm.org/PRxxxxx (and existing bugzilla links,
since I'm sure they exist in the wild too) to redirect to github, and shut
down our bugzilla instance.

If new PRs are filed during step 1, we get new "problem" issue numbers,
which we deal with in the same way as the 210 existing github issue numbers.

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