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Miguel Iñigo J. Mañalac via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Apr 19 18:56:48 PDT 2020

Hi All,

Is it possible to glue the output of the TargetLowering::LowerCallTo method to the next node? How can this be done? Also the same question for the output of getCopyTo/FromReg nodes.

I understand that the set ValueType of the node indicates if the output is MVT::Glue but how can we modify the ValueType of the LowerCallTo output so we can set it to MVT::Glue?

The i64 type compare of our target is a library call, and if the compare library call output is not glued to the br_cc or setcc node, the library call set of nodes are skipped (due to optimization?).

Miguel Inigo J. Manalac (1852)

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