[llvm-dev] Running opt O1 outside of llvm

Akash Banerjee via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Apr 4 10:35:56 PDT 2020

I would like to run the -O1 pass sequence followed by -reg2mem from an out
of tree project which uses llvm.
I am using the following code snippet to do so but in some cases, my method
is also vectorising the code, which doesn't happen when running the same
sequence(-S -O1 -reg2mem) through opt. Can someone please help me find what
I am missing?


* PassManagerBuilder PM; PM.OptLevel = 1; PM.SizeLevel = 0;
legacy::FunctionPassManager FPM(&llvm_module); legacy::PassManager MPM;
PM.Inliner = createAlwaysInlinerLegacyPass(); PM.DisableUnrollLoops = true;
PM.populateFunctionPassManager(FPM); PM.populateModulePassManager(MPM);
FPM.doInitialization(); for (auto &F : llvm_module)    FPM.run(F);
FPM.doFinalization(); MPM.run(llvm_module); legacy::FunctionPassManager
FPM(&llvm_module); FPM.add(createDemoteRegisterToMemoryPass());
FPM.doInitialization(); for (auto &F : llvm_module)    FPM.run(F);
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