[llvm-dev] Pre-merge clang-format linter failing

Chris Tetreault via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 2 08:23:45 PDT 2020

The thing that has to be on your path has to be called clang-format-diff, not clang-format-diff.py. It also can’t be a bash alias.

I create a symlink from my clang-format-diff.py to clang-format-diff and it works for me.

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Hi all,

I've noticed several patches that were updated overnight UK time where the following message was produced by the Phabricator linter check: "clang-format-diff not found in user's PATH; not linting file." I'm guessing that something has gone wrong on whatever bot does this?
In particular, if it is a user-side hook for arcanist, `clang-format-diff.py` is in my PATH, but I still get that message.

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