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Mon Oct 28 16:24:22 PDT 2019

I've noticed the same.  The net effect for me is that I add a "git pull 
--rebase && git diff" immediately before the commit and push.  It makes 
me a tad nervous for exactly the reason you mention, but I don't know of 
a better option.  Anyone else?


On 10/28/19 4:18 PM, Nemanja Ivanovic via llvm-dev wrote:
> Now that we have switched to git and I had to leave behind my 
> wonderfully simple svn workflow I have noticed something curious when 
> committing.
> My typical workflow once my patch is approved on Phabricator has 
> always been:
> - Update my source tree to latest
> - Apply the approved patch
> - Rebuild
> - Retest
> - If all is well, commit
> Having to update again after rebuilding/retesting was extremely rare 
> since SVN only prevented the commit if I am modifying the same file(s) 
> that have been modified upstream since my update.
> So I tried replicating that workflow with git, but apparently that 
> isn't really an option. Apparently git won't let me push if there have 
> been any commits upstream at all between my last pull and my push. 
> This means that I can never push from a fully tested state since it is 
> almost impossible to find a window of 20-30 minutes without any 
> commits (which is how long a rebuild/retest takes for me).
> One might argue that this is no worse than what I had with SVN since I 
> would commit on top of changes that already happened upstream. But 
> this is not always the case. Namely, if an upstream commit modifies 
> the same file, causing a semantic conflict, I would not end up 
> committing with the old svn workflow whereas I would end up committing 
> with the new git workflow.
> I am not sure if this is something that can be solved (nor if it is 
> something that needs to be solved) but I thought I would just bring it up.
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