[llvm-dev] How to Switch to Static Runtime and Enable C++ Exceptions?

Osman Zakir via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 28 04:08:15 PDT 2019


I'm trying to build LLVM 10.0.0 with CMake on the command line (Developer Command Prompt for VS2019) and I need to know how to switch to a static runtime.  I've tried setting LLVM's variable for this, but it didn't work.  I still have a dynamic runtime.  Along with that, I also need to know how to enable C++ exceptions.

One thing I tried was to do "-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="/std:c++17 /MT /EHsc /permissive-"" but this also didn't work.  Specifying these on the CXXFLAGS environment variable didn't do anything either.  I was using the same session of the Developer Command Prompt, but I made sure to run "refreshenv" to take the new environment from the registry before continuing.

I did try to do "-DLLVM_ENABLE_EH=On" but I still got a warning from CMake (from benchmarks/CMakeLists.txt, if I recall correctly) saying that using std::regex with exceptions disabled isn't fully supported.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance (I also sent an email on the CMake mailing list, by the way).
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