[llvm-dev] RFC: Switching from Bugzilla to Github Issues

Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Oct 25 11:34:42 PDT 2019

> We do not want to build supplementary notification systems to make github issues send additional emails that it is unable to send itself. We will only support what GitHub supports. That means:
> - You can subscribe to notification emails for activity in the entire llvm-project repository.

Is that only new issues?  Or all activity?  If it's all activity on all issues, you're effectively auto-subscribing to all issues, and really nobody would want that.  Well, maybe, like, 3 people.

> - You can subscribe to notification emails on an individual issue.
> - Someone else can CC you on an individual issue to get your attention, and you will get notifications from that (unless you opt-out).
> - No emails will be sent to mailto:llvm-bugs at llvm.org for github issues.
> - There is no builtin way for users to subscribe to emails for bugs that have a given label (for example, all "clang" issues, or all x86 issues).

That last is really unfortunate.  Someone only interested in (say) LLDB issues would have to subscribe to all notifications and hope that there are enough breadcrumbs in a new issue to be able to do accurate email filtering.  It would be better to handle this in the bug tracker itself.
Last year Kristof Beyls and I did a BoF on bug handling, and my memory is that a nonzero number of people were willing to be auto-CC'd on particular topics but did not want to subscribe to llvm-bugs.  This description of the github tracker means that would not be feasible, which is a step backwards.
I can anticipate a counter-argument which is that someone can easily search for bugs with particular tags.  I claim that's not equivalent, because it requires action on the part of the person to go look for things, and that happens only when the person thinks of doing it.  Computers should automate the tedious parts, like alerting the people who are interested in issues with a particular tag.


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