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On Fri, 25 Oct 2019, Martin Storsjö via llvm-dev wrote:

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We do not want to build supplementary notification systems to make github
issues send additional emails that it is unable to send itself. We will only
support what GitHub supports. That means:
- You can subscribe to notification emails for activity in the entire
llvm-project repository.
- You can subscribe to notification emails on an individual issue.
- Someone else can CC you on an individual issue to get your attention, and
you will get notifications from that (unless you opt-out).

One thing comes to mind wrt workflows and how I often use bugzilla: After bisecting a regression and filing a bug with the reproducer, I try to add CCs for the author of the commit and potentially the reviewers who were involved with the commit.

In bugzilla it's fairly easy to try type people's names (which you find easily via the Phabricator review) and bugzilla will autocomplete and let you pick whoever seems to match what you typed.

In github I'd presume you need to know the github username of the ones you want to CC. For the cases where it matches the Phabricator username, this is straightforward, but I'm sure there's a significant number of users where the mapping isn't obvious.

Replying to myself here - I rememeberd that when viewing a commit on github, github is actually very good at replacing any references to the original author name with their github username (to the extent that it actually is hard to find the realname of the author when viewing a commit).

So for CCing people on issues, the author/committer should be easy to discover; potential related reviewers are the only ones where discovering their github usernames might be tricky. And that's much less important.

I disagree, this is extremely important. Many bugs are filed by people who don't know what commit is relevant, and other community members who watch the bugs list (including myself) help cc the right people. We must have a straightforward way to cc people. A list somewhere with people's names could be a fine solution, but the current autocomplete is an important part of the workflow, and a limited search is important (as I often don't remember exactly how various people's names are spelled).


// Martin

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