[llvm-dev] mini RFC: adding a tag for the SVN -> github migration

Richard Smith via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Oct 24 18:59:58 PDT 2019


$ git tag -a r375505 186155b89c2d2a2f62337081e3ca15f676c9434b -m "Last SVN
commit before switchover to github."
$ git push origin r375505


This makes "git describe" produce usable linear revision numbers that are a
natural continuation of the SVN revision numbering. For example, a git
describe on HEAD from earlier today gives:

$ git describe

(That is: r375505 plus 115 git commits = 9b8dd004034)

This isn't intended to be an official revision number, nor a long-term
solution to the numbering problem, but seems useful in the short term.

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