[llvm-dev] End-to-end testing roundtable

David Greene via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 21 22:48:30 PDT 2019

We have an end-to-end testing roundtable scheduled at the conference Tuesday at 3:10pm.
Here is a proposed agenda.  Please suggest any changes/additions you would like made.

End-to-end Testing Roundtable

Introductions (name/affiliation if any)


  Why is end-to-end testing important to you?

  What are our goals with end-to-end testing?

  What kinds of end-to-end tests are most useful to you?

  What end-to-end tests currently exist in test-suite and/or the monorepo?

  End-to-end testing as part of test-suite - Advantages and Disadvantages

  End-to-end tests in the monorepo - Advantages and Disadvantages

  Should different types of tests live in different places?

I look forward to our discussion!


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