[llvm-dev] DebugInfo work contribution and update.

David Blaikie via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Oct 18 11:59:38 PDT 2019

Yeah, there are a few places/times/situation where LLVM's emitted empty
DWARF sections - minor bug imho. (yes, a bug, but no one's highest
priority/pretty benign in the grand scheme of things - certainly if anyone
wants to clean them up, that's great, makes reading dumps easier, etc)

On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 6:22 AM Robinson, Paul <paul.robinson at sony.com>

> > One query regarding clang behavior for debug_macinfo section -- Now, I
> > understand that to enable macro information and for gdb able to expand
> > macros, clang needs "-fdebug-macro". Default is not to emit debug info
> > for macros.
> >
> > But consider below dump, is this Okay to have a empty{Size 1 byte}
> > debug_macinfo section to be emitted ?? when we are not emitting macro
> > info at all.
> > Should we stop emitting this ?? this is on purpose.
> > Note: this behavior persists, even when specifying "-fno-debug-macro"
> > option explicitly.
> I believe we set up all the sections internally regardless of options,
> just for simpler bookkeeping, and then emit only the ones we actually
> want to produce.  Emitting an essentially empty .debug_macinfo section
> with -fno-debug-macro would be a bug.
> --paulr
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