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What steps are required to port a build factory?  I guess any “SVN” steps have to go away, but I’m not sure how we’re supposed to replace them.  (I’m interested in PollyBuilder and AOSPBuilder, specifically.)

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Subject: [EXT] Zorg migration to GitHub/monorepo

Hello everyone,

We are in the middle of porting the majority of zorg to GitHub/monorepo. The following build factories will be ported and if you use one of those for your bots, you are all covered:

* ClangBuilder.getClangCMakeBuildFactory (31 bots)

* ClangBuilder.getClangCMakeGCSBuildFactory (2 bots)

* LibcxxAndAbiBuilder (23 bots)

* SphinxDocsBuilder (7 bots)

* UnifiedTreeBuilder (11 bots)

* ABITestsuitBuilder (1 bot) - based on UnifiedTreeBuilder

* ClangLTOBuilder (2 bots) - based on UnifiedTreeBuilder

* LLDPerformanceTesuiteBuilder (1 bot) - based on UnifiedTreeBuilder

Some build factories will be deprecated. If you use one of these, please change your bot to use something else instead. Here is the list of deprecated build factories:

* ClangBuilder.getClangBuildFactory (0 bots)

* LLDBuilder (0 bots)

* ClangAndLLDBuilder (0 bots)

However, some special build factories and build factories with a few bots would need your attention.

Here is the list of build factories in need of porting. Patches are welcome.

* LLVMBuilder (3 bots)

* PollyBuilder (3 bots)

* LLDBBuilder (6 bots)

* SanitizerBuilder (10 bots)

* CUDATestsuiteBuilder (1 bot) - depends on ClangBuilder.getClangBuildFactory

* AOSPBuilder (1 bot) - depends on PollyBuilder

* AnnotatedBuilder (2 bots)

* OpenMPBuilder (2 bots)

* FuchsiaBuilder (1 bot)

Please feel free to ask if you have questions.



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