[llvm-dev] A question with using ORC RPC for remote JIT-ing.

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There is remote JITing support (
https://llvm.org/docs/tutorial/BuildingAJIT5.html )- though it mostly/only
supports the "from the JITing process, push code to the remote/executing
process" - the first piece of your situation, "from the executing process,
make a remote request to JIT some code" isn't implemented as far as I know,
but you could use the same RPC primitives that LLVM/ORC provides to do that.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 11:35 PM Choe Choon Ho via llvm-dev <
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> Background:
> We plan to use ORC to JIT compile hot-paths, optimizing them to fully
> utilize the currently running architecture.
> To do this, we extract the hot-paths' code section (including external
> linkages, functions, variables, etc) and embed them into the host program.
> These embedded information are then pass to orc to be compiled and executed.
> However, the JIT process may fail and may corrupt the host program.
> Therefore, we would like to launch a different program to run this JIT
> process (including linking symbols that resides in the host program) and
> stream the JIT symbol back to the main program for execution.
> In short, the main program request the JIT program to compile some IR and
> return the JIT symbol back to the main program for execution.
> Question:
> Is there any tool support for this use-case?
> Or, do we have to use our own IPC methods (shared memory) and JIT compile
> the IR onto the shared memory, and lookup the JIT symbol in the shared
> memory?
> Regards,
> Choe
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